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Massage Therapist Insurance

Massage therapists, because of the nature of a massage, carry some of the highest risks among independent contractors. Besides the chance you could injure someone during treatment, there are also many privacy concerns to be aware of. With most clients, you won’t have any problems. How are you protected for those rare circumstances when someone claims to be injured by your massage? Our insurance will protect you from this and more.

Massage therapist insurance will help protect your business from bodily injury, slip and falls, property damage, and even advertising disputes.

Why Do You Need Specialized Massage Therapist Insurance?

No matter where you are working, if a client feels they have been injured or violated, you have the potential for a claim.

Without the proper protection, you will be left to defend yourself and that can cost a lot of money. Our massage therapist insurance is just what you need to protect yourself as an independent contractor. Accidents are costly and defending them can be even more expensive.

For as little as $26 a month, we’ve got you covered. You’ll get peace of mind anytime a claim may arise. Here’s what we can do to protect you.

General Liability Insurance

Our policy will cover your professional services for bodily injuries, property damage, libel, and advertising claims. We also cover common claims such as slip and fall and dissatisfaction with your service.

In these cases, massage therapist insurance will cover legal expenses such as settlements or judgments, attorney fees, and court costs.

Professional Liability Insurance

To truly cover your business completely, you need professional liability coverage designed specifically for massage therapists. While many carriers offer affordable general liability coverage, few offer professional liability insurance. Professional liability insurance specifically covers the services you offer.

If you are sued because a client claims you hurt them, general liability insurance would not cover that situation. A regular business policy would notify you that you are on your own. That’s because massages are part of your professional services. However, the professional liability coverage in our policy fixes this problem, giving you total coverage.

Property Insurance

Massage therapist property insurance covers any equipment you may have. If your equipment is damaged by theft, fire or vandalism, you’re covered. Property coverage is optional.


Because we package these three policies together in one big policy, you save money. A base policy for massage therapist insurance with both general and professional liability costs around $309 a year.

Remember, just because you haven’t had a claim or would never intentionally do something wrong, you can still get sued. Insurtec is here for you every step of the way to defend you.

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