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Liability Section

Professional liability can be lower than general liability. This may satisfy a leasing requirement, while allowing you to carry a lower amount of professional coverage to save money. For instance, you can receive a discount if you choose $1,000,000 general liability and $300,000 professional liability.
By default, the General Annual Aggregate (total of all claims annually) is equal to the single "Occurrence" (per claim) limit. You may elect to double the aggregate limit to be increased to twice the "Occurrence" limit
Please select your services from the drop down menus and enter the number of each service in the box directly below. Only enter the amount that are being performed at your business at any given time. For instance, if you employ 4 massage therapists, but only 2 work at the same time, you should enter 2.
Have any liability claims been made against you or paid in the past 5 years?

Property Section

If you do not wish to have your property quoted, you can skip this section. Property coverage is also know as "fire" or "theft" coverage.