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Airbrush Insurance Claims

How To Avoid Airbrush Tanning Claims

Many of the airbrush tanning claims we see at Insurtec could have been avoided if the proper preventative measures had been taken. Here are some helpful tips to follow to minimize your chances of having an airbrush tanning claim.


It is possible that a customer may feel faint during the service. The technician must be aware of this at all times and be ready to sit the customer down if any signs of dizziness are present. This can arise from a customer standing with locked knees for an extended period of time.

Working Around the Eyes

Working around the eyes with the airbrush could result in damage to the eye from the airbrush itself. In addition, customers are more likely to lose their balance when their eyes are closed.

Poor Application of Solution

  • Proper application is critical and that can only come from adequate training of all technicians.
  • Tell customers to exfoliate prior to their visit as the color becomes part of their skin.
  • Trying to remove a poor application could result in an even more unsightly condition. You have to remove the skin to remove the solution. Not a good idea!
  • Airbrush tanning claims are more likely around weddings or big events where the airbrush tanning is very important to your client’s appearance.

Allergic Reactions Resulting in Airbrush Tanning Claims

  • There can be a reaction to DHA, the active ingredient in all self-tanners.
  • Ask your clients if they are allergic to latex if used.
  • One way to avoid this issue is to use polyvinyl gloves during application.
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