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Reduce Your Tanning Insurance Cost

5 Ways to Reduce Your Tanning Insurance Cost

Everybody likes to save a little money. How can you save money on your tanning insurance cost? By taking advantage of these big discounts from Insurtec, of course.

Install a Burglar Alarm System

Get a significant tanning insurance cost discount by installing a monitored burglar alarm. Get even more savings if you have a sprinkler system too. The system does need to be monitored, meaning it must contact the police if there is a break-in. A system like SimpliSafe is perfect if you want to self-install.

Join a Safety Association

Are you a member of a safety association, like the American Suntanning Association? If so, you can get a discount on your liability coverage. Plus, by completing salon operator education, like that offered by Sun is Life® Training & Certification, you’ll get even more savings on your tanning insurance cost. By completing these types of training and certifications, you will learn a lot about running a tanning salon and allow us to give you extra discounts on your coverage

Avoid Claims and Watch Your Tanning Insurance Cost Drop

Your spotless record will be rewarded with claims-free discounts. The longer you go without a claim, the more you save. Want to know the best ways to avoid claims? Check out this post.

Let Your Experience Work For You

We start offering discounts with as little as three years of tanning salon management experience. Whether you run your own salon or hire a manager, you can qualify. We give a tanning insurance cost discount for this because you know how to run your business and claims are minimized. Just because you’ve had a claim before doesn’t mean we won’t write your policy, but being claims-free definitely helps!

These tanning insurance discounts will save you serious money. Click the link below for a no-obligation quote from Insurtec to find out how much.

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